I am first and foremost a Christian. I have followed Jesus Christ all my life and am proud to be His daughter. After university, I attended a Bible college to learn more about God, and I pursued becoming a missionary because I believe it is essential that all people be given the opportunity to choose Jesus or not. (Some people have never heard of Him.) God has put that plan on hold, however.

God has blessed me with a passion and a little talent (I think?) for writing. I loved reading since childhood, and my imaginary games gradually evolved into stories. At university, I studied English Literature and blogged about book reviews at Zerina Blossom’s Books. Several magazine articles I wrote have been published in Ethnos360 Magazine, Fellowship and Fairydust, and Kingdom Pen. However, I have not published a book (yet). I begin this website as part of my writing and, hopefully, publishing journey.

My writing tastes are like my reading tastes – varied. I enjoy clean Christian and secular fiction and non-fiction for all reading levels. My favorite genres include fantasy, fairy tales, historical fiction, adventure, romance, classics, culture, humor, information, devotionals, and biographies.

I also love arts and crafts of all kinds. I enjoy cross stitch, knitting, crochet, henna, macrame, polymer clay, and much more. Basically, I love learning and art, however they manifest. Soon, I will post a link to my Etsy store, Pretty Unstitched, where I sell cute things I made.